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  "Police" MA-1 Flight Jackets, 2-Sided Print, Nylin, Reversible                Orange Lining,  Polyfiberfill.  
Sizes:S,M,L,XL $49.95     [Order] [Checkout]
XXL $54.95   [Order] [Checkout]
  "Security" MA-1 Flight Jackets, 2-Sided Print, Nylon, Reversible           Orange Lining, 2-Way Zipper.

Sizes:M,L,XL $49.95  [Order] [Checkout]

XXL $54.95    [Order] [Checkout]
    "Police" Logo Raid Vest, 2-Sided Print, Durable Polyester, Velcro             Closure,  1 Size Fits All.  $13.95

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   Law Enforcement Imprinted Jackets, Nylon Shell, Elastic Cuffs,              Drawstring Bottom, 2 front pockets.
"Security"  or "Police" Imprinted Coaches Jackets  $19.95
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"Security"  or "Police" Imprinted Fleece Lined   Windbreakers $29.95  
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    Raid T-Shirts, Police, Security, EMT, Sherrif, SWAT , Official Issue, Double Sided, Black  S-XL $8.99  XXL $10.99 XXXL $12.99
    Adjustable Insignia Law Enforcement Caps, $7.99
     Police and Tactical Gloves, SWAT fingerless, Repelling                          Gloves,Reinforced Suede Palms$24.95
    SWAT Full-Finger Repelling Gloves, For Rescue, Shooting,                   Repelling, Reinforced Suede Palms, S-XL$29.95
     Police Kevlar Lined Resister Gloves, Leather Outer, 100% Kevlar             Lining, Protects Against Cuts, Slashes, S-XL $39.95
  Police Searchmaster Gloves, Silklike Cowhide, Great Fit and Dexterity, Top Quality Search Gloves,   S-XL $19.99
   "Defender" SAP Gloves, 5 oz . Lead Fill Per Glove to Subdue Attackers, Top Quality Leather,   Extended Wrists, S-XL $43.95