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Welcome to our Military Containers page 

Military Surplus Containers and Ammo cans

Surplus Ammo Cans


7¼"H x 11"L x 5¾W

Some cans have lettering, some do not



Surplus Ammo Cans

30 CAL AMMO CAN -10" x 7" x 3' 

Some cans have lettering, some do not


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U.S. GI 20 MM Ammo Can

Used good condition. Seals are still air and water tight. Clamps on both ends allows top to come off completely. Handles on both ends for easy carry. Box measures approx 17" x 14" x 7.5".


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32 Cartridges - 40 MM Ammo Can

6" wide x 17" long x 9" tall


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Monocular Night Vision - Ammo type can

6" wide x 13" tall x 11" long


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Surplus Ammo Cans

30 Cartridge / 25 MM

PA-125 Box - For 25mm linked cartridges. It measurers 14.3” x 13.8” x 5.7”. It has a clamp on both ends (no hinge). This one has no maker’s name. The PA-125 has a carrying handle on both ends and one side.


Out Of Stock

US Military M548 1500 CRTG 7.62 MM large ammo cans.  Surplus / good condition

Inside dimensions:
 7 1/4" wide X 14" high  X 17 1/4" long.

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Surplus Saw Box

The S.A.W. Box (Squad Automatic Weapon) share features with the standard .50 cal. box... only wider. Measures 8½" high by 7" wide x 12" long. All steel construction, enamel coated in Olive Drab. Clamp down closure, air tight and water tight seal, collapsible handle. Oversized to hold more supplies. 


Some cans have lettering, some do not



Surplus Military Container

8" x 31" x 22"


Large Surplus Military Container

32" x 21" x 18"